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Descendants of Nancy Cone



Generation No. 1


1.  NANCY2 CONE  (WILLIAM1) was born September 17, 1781 in South Carolina, and died October 27, 1846 in Brooks Co., Ga..  She married JOHN HAGAN, JR. March 09, 1801 in Bulloch Co., Ga., son of JOHN HAGAN and MARY TOWNSEND.  He was born 1776 in Georgia, and died 1822 in Camden County, Ga..


Notes for NANCY CONE:

Nancy Cone was the eighth child of William Cone, R.S. and Keziah Barber, daughter of William Barber, R.S.  She was born in South Carolina in the Cheraw District.  She came with her parents to Effingham County, Ga.


John Hagan died in Camden County in 1822.  His will, dated Oct. 28, 1822, which was probated Nov. 4, 1822, named the wife, nancy, and their six children as his legatees.  The testator appointed his wife's brother-in-law, Wm. A. Knight, and his br.....


Mr. and Mrs. Hagin were charter members of old Sardis Baptist Church in present Charlton County in 1819, and he is shown as a delegate to the Piedmont Baptist Assn. from Sardis in 1819 and 1821.


After his death Nancy and her children, except Mary who was married at the time, moved on April 10, 1825, from Camden County, Ga., to Leon County, Fl.  Her son Jesse, after marriage, moved to Texas.  The other son, John Fletcher, remained in Florida and ......


Camden County records show a bill of sale of a gift of a Negro girl slave, dated January 12, 1811, from William Cone, Sr. of Bulloch County, to "my grandson, Jesse Hagin, son of John Hagin, Camden County."  Recorded in Deed Book "H" page 337, Camden County.


The Camden County records also show a deed from Mrs. Nancy Hagins of Leon County, Fl. to William Cone of Camden County, dated April 24, 1834 for 400 acres of land in Camden (Book "M", page 190).


Nancy moved from Leon County to Jefferson County, Fla. in 1837.  Apparently Nancy Cone Hagin returned in 1839 to a section of Thomas County, Ga. known as the Grooverville area, which later became a part of Brooks County.


Ann Groover Crane in her description of the development of Liberty Church in what is now Brooks County which was written up in the "History of Brooks County Georgia" by Folks Huxford states:  "During the years 1837-1841 the Baptist denomination of this section was stirred on the new question of Missions, Sunday School and Ministerial support.


In 1841 the Ochlochnee anti-missionary Baptist Association added an article to their original Articles of Faith making the famous Thirteenth Article in which they declared non-fellowship with any member who engaged in or believed in Sunday school work, missions, theological schools or any other "new-fangled institutions of the day."


When the above was passed, Sister Nancy Hagan, a resident of Thomas (now Brooks) County, asked for her letter from Mount Moriah Church and at her own request was excommunicated from this church.


The Nancy Hagans action led to the formation of the Florida Association of which she became a member.  She was missionary in spirit and since she could not excuse this spirit in the church, she left the church and conceived in her heart the idea of organizing a church in which she might follow her conscientious convictions on the subject of missions.


Finding seven other Christians of like mind, she and they constituted a church which was named "Liberty" at her request.  Saying "it ought to be named Liberty because it meant liberty to work for the Master and for the propogation of his glorious gospel."


It is interesting to note that the church which excluded her long since has ceased to exist while the one she was instrumental in constituting, now in its Centennial year, (1941) is still hearty in faith and busy in the work of spreading the gospel.


From the organization of the Church to the Centennial year the records show that during this portion of it's history 483 persons have been received into the church by letter and experience.  Among these was J. M. Rushin who was converted and baptized into the fellowship of this church, later ordained to the ministry and served the church as pastor for twenty-nine years.


In 1857 the church voted in conference to dispose of the land and building used at that time and build a new house of worship at Grooverville.  This, the present building, was completed in 1859.


In October, 1893, the first Woman's Missionary Society was organized and for the last half-century has been a faithful auxiliary to the church.


In 1844, John Norris, a slave, was accepted as the first colored member of Liberty Church.  From that time slaves were received as members until some time after the was when they withdrew to organize a church of their own.


Liberty Church has been a missionary body ever since its constitution and is the mother of several of the strongest Missionary Baptist churches in this section, notably among them the church at Boston, Ga. and the one at Hickory head in Brooks County, Ga.


In 1906, Sister Rena Groover Shepart went out from Liberty Church as a missionary to Brazil.  Rev. H. H. Parrish was ordained to the gospel ministry by this church in 1911.


Liberty Church is one hundred years old this month, (1941) and is living up to the ideals of those who organized it.  Today with a membership of 73 members, meets each Sunday in a Sunday school, on Sunday night for Baptist Training Union and has an active Women's Missionary Society with three auxiliaries for young people.


Compiler's Note:  "The History of Mercer Baptist Association" published some years ago, in its sketch of Liberty Church said: "Mrs. Nancy Hagan was a woman of unusual mentality and force of character.  She espoused the cause of foreign missions...and led the fight..."


It should be noted here that the seven others who joined Nancy in her endeavors to develop a "Missionary Minded Church" were:

      1.  Elisha Peck Smith

      2.  R. T. Stanaland

      3.  James I. Baker

      4.  Mrs. Sarah Ann Groover

      5.  Mrs. Mary Smith

      6.  Mrs. Amanda Denmark

      7.  Sam Whitfield


Nancy Cone Hagan died October 27, 1846.  She is buried in the Grooverville Cemetery in Brooks County, Ga.


Information for this account of Nancy Cone Hagan, daughter of William Cone, R.S. came from:

      "Pioneers of Georgia", Vol. 1, 1984. p. 113-114, By Folks Huxford.  Cooper Press, Jacksonville, Fl. 1982.

      "History of Brooks County Georgia."  p. 298-300, By Folks Huxford.  The McGregor Co., Athens, Georgia.  1948.


Children of NANCY CONE and JOHN HAGAN are:

                      i.    MARY3 HAGAN, b. 1802, Bulloch Co., Ga.; m. JACOB SUMMERLIN, March 01, 1821.

                     ii.    KEZIAH HAGAN, b. 1804, Bulloch County; m. PAUL MCCORMACK.

                    iii.    JESSE HAGAN, b. 1806, Bulloch Co. Ga.; m. MARY MANNING, April 05, 1829, Jefferson Co. Fla.

                   iv.    ELIZABETH HAGAN, b. 1808, Bulloch Co., Ga.; m. ALLEN HAGIN.

2.                 v.    JOHN FLETCHER HAGAN, b. October 14, 1815, Bulloch County, Ga.; d. December 22, 1853, Egmont Key, Fl. (Tampa).

3.                vi.    SARAH ANN HAGAN, b. 1820, Camden Co., Ga.; d. November 05, 1894, Brooks Co., Ga..



Generation No. 2


2.  JOHN FLETCHER3 HAGAN (NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born October 14, 1815 in Bulloch County, Ga., and died December 22, 1853 in Egmont Key, Fl. (Tampa).  He married (1) ELIZABETH DAYTON 1833 in FL..    He married (2) MARGARET WOODCOCK May 09, 1841 in Thomas Co., Ga.. 



John Fletcher Hagan went to Leon County, Fl. with his widowed mother.  Nancy brought all of her children except Mary who had already married.  Nancy and all of her children later moved to Jefferson County, Fl.  John Fletcher was about ten years old when h...


John Fletcher grew to manhood and married his first wife, Elizabeth Dayton from Ohio.  They were married in 1833 when he was 18 and she was 16.  Elizabeth was born in 1817 and her father's name is unknown.  Her mother's name was Christie.  John and Elizabeth had nine children.


After living some years in Jefferson County, Fl, John F. Hagan and family moved to Wakulla County, Fl., where they were living at the time of the 1850 Census.  The same year, on Oct. 27, 1850, he applied for bounty land for his services in the Seminole Florida War; his application which was approved July 17, 1851, set forth that he served as Captain in Col. Wm. J. Bailey's battalion of Flor...


At the time of his death, Dec. 22, 1853, he was keeper of the egmont Key Lighthouse near Tampa.  He died in Tampa of yellow fever.



Cause of Death: Yellow Fever



                      i.    NANCY K.4 HAGIN, b. August 18, 1834, Jefferson Co., Fl.; m. (1) WADE STUBBS RIGBY, Jefferson Co., Fl.; m. (2) WM. ALBERT RIGBY.

4.                 ii.    JOHN W. HAGIN, b. October 10, 1836, Jefferson Co., Fl.; d. May 17, 1918, Lowndes Co., Ga.

                    iii.    ELIZA E. HAGIN, b. September 19, 1840, Jefferson Co., Fl.; d. February 16, 1851, St. Marks, Fl..




                   iv.    HARRIET N.4 HAGIN, b. April 03, 1842; m. JOHN WILSON.

                    v.    MARIANNA HAGIN, b. May 05, 1844; m. (1) SIMMONS; m. (2) CHARLES SCHMIDT.

                   vi.    REBECCA R. HAGIN, b. December 05, 1846; m. (1) HENRY PRICE; m. (2) PETER HAGIN DAVIS.

                  vii.    JESSE W. HAGIN, b. October 12, 1847; d. December 23, 1847.

                 viii.    SARAH F. HAGIN, b. July 04, 1849; m. UNKNOWN.

                   ix.    TALLULAH HAGIN, b. March 14, 1853, Wakulla Co., Fla.; m. JAMES F. PARRISH.



3.  SARAH ANN3 HAGAN (NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born 1820 in Camden Co., Ga., and died November 05, 1894 in Brooks Co., Ga..  She married (1) MALACHI GROOVER 1839 in Jefferson  Co., Fl..  He was born 1807 in Bulloch Co., Ga..  She married (2) JAMES GROOVER June 16, 1859 in Thomas Co., Ga., son of JOHN GROOVER and HANNAH.  He was born 1798, and died 1874 in Grooverville Brooks Co..



                      i.    JESSE H.4 GROOVER, b. 1840, Thomas Co., Ga.; m. SALLIE NELMS, Thomas Co., Ga..

                     ii.    MARY ELLEN GROOVER, b. 1843, Thomas Co., Ga.; m. (1) THOMAS CLIFFORD, June 30, 1859, Thomas County, Ga.; m. (2) CAPT. T. J. LIVINGSTON, February 15, 1874, Thomas Co., Ga..

                    iii.    LAURA JOSEPHINE GROOVER, b. 1848, Thomas County, Ga.; m. (1) FRANCIS MARION GROOVER, June 25, 1868, Thomas Co., Ga.; m. (2) FRANCIS MARION GROOVER, June 25, 1868, Thomas Co., Ga..

5.                iv.    SOLOMON MALACHI GROOVER, b. July 07, 1851, Thomas Co., Ga..




                    v.    FULLER4 GROOVER, b. 1861, Thomas Co., Ga.; m. MINNIE THOMAS, 1861.



Generation No. 3


4.  JOHN W.4 HAGIN (JOHN FLETCHER3 HAGAN, NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born October 10, 1836 in Jefferson Co., Fl., and died May 17, 1918 in Lowndes Co., Ga.  He married (1) AMANDA ROBERTS.    He married (2) MARY GIDDENS. 


Notes for JOHN W. HAGIN:

John W. Hagan lived most of his life in Lowndes County, Ga. where he was a prominent citizen and died in 1918.  John came to Lowndes County when he was of age, and married there on November 24, 1858, to Amanda Armstrong Roberts who was born in Lowndes County.  They had seven children and she died on December 2, 1872.  John then married Mrs. Pollie Giddens, widow of Aaron Giddens.  By this marriage (John & Pollie) one daughter was born.


John enlisted October 1, 1861, in Company D, 29th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, C.S.A., and was made 3rd Sergeant.  He was promoted to 1st Sergeant later.  His Company and Regiment was in battles in the Mississippi campaign in 1863, then in the Atlan....


Mr. Hagan was a prominent citizen of Lowndes for many years, and exercised much influence in public affairs.  He served two terms as Representative from Lowndes, 1886-87 and 1890-91.  He was a member of the Board of County Commissioners 1905-1913.  He an...


Children of JOHN HAGIN and AMANDA ROBERTS are:

                      i.    SUSAN E.5 HAGIN, b. March 30, 1860, Lowndes Co. Ga.; d. August 25, 1860, Lowndes Co. Ga..

                     ii.    REUBIN C. HAGIN, b. May 21, 1861, Lowndes Co., Ga.; m. LAURA ROBERTS.

                    iii.    GEORGIA HAGIN, b. March 17, 1866, Berrien Co., Ga.; m. JAMES JOHN BRADFORD, November 14, 1888.

                   iv.    EMMA TALLULAH HAGIN, b. June 08, 1867, Berrien Co., Ga.; m. J. A. SMITH.

                    v.    FANNIE ELLEN HAGIN, b. October 27, 1868, Berrien Co., Ga.; m. JAMES BASKINS.

                   vi.    IDA ANN HAGIN, b. August 16, 1870, Berrien Co., Ga.; m. JOHN T. SMITH.

                  vii.    AMANDA JOSEPHINE HAGIN, b. March 05, 1872, Berrien Co., Ga.; m. FRANK ARNOLD.




                 viii.    TEXAS5 HAGIN, b. June 19, 1875, Madison Co., Fl..



5.  SOLOMON MALACHI4 GROOVER (SARAH ANN3 HAGAN, NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born July 07, 1851 in Thomas Co., Ga..  He married IDA JANE GROOVER November 18, 1875 in Thomas Co., Ga., daughter of THOMAS A. GROOVER.  She was born May 18, 1855 in Cherry Lake, Fl..



6.                  i.    RENA5 GROOVER, b. December 26, 1860.

7.                 ii.    ROSA GROOVER, b. December 26, 1860.

8.                iii.    BERTHA GROOVER, b. July 20, 1878; d. October 13, 1912.

9.                iv.    FRANK GROOVER, b. August 10, 1885.

                    v.    SUSIE GROOVER, b. August 10, 1887; d. December 16, 1890.

10.              vi.    CLAUDE GROOVER, b. May 20, 1890.

11.             vii.    HUGH GROOVER, b. June 30, 1893.

12.            viii.    SUDIE GROOVER, b. September 04, 1895.



Generation No. 4


6.  RENA5 GROOVER (SOLOMON MALACHI4, SARAH ANN3 HAGAN, NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born December 26, 1860.  She married DR. J. W. SHEPARD June 06, 1906. 


Children of RENA GROOVER and J. SHEPARD are:

                      i.    IDA MARTHA6 SHEPHARD, m. DOUGLAS MCCRAE.

                     ii.    ALICE SHEPARD, d. December 24, 1943; m. THOMAS KIMBROUGH.

                    iii.    MARY SHEPARD.

                   iv.    EVELYN SHEPARD.

                    v.    SAM SHEPARD.

                   vi.    JOHN SHEPARD.



7.  ROSA5 GROOVER (SOLOMON MALACHI4, SARAH ANN3 HAGAN, NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born December 26, 1860.  She married JAMES ANGUS MCKINNON November 27, 1901. 



                      i.    ESTHER6 MCKINNON, m. GEORGE H. LANE.

                     ii.    RUTH MCKINNON, m. HENRY MATHEWS.

                    iii.    ANDREW MCKINNON.



8.  BERTHA5 GROOVER (SOLOMON MALACHI4, SARAH ANN3 HAGAN, NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born July 20, 1878, and died October 13, 1912.  She married JOHN THOMAS May 16, 1897. 



                      i.    WALTER6 THOMAS.

                     ii.    ALFRED THOMAS.

                    iii.    IRVIN THOMAS.

                   iv.    FLORIDA THOMAS.

                    v.    CHARLIE THOMAS.

                   vi.    BERTHA THOMAS.






                      i.    JULIA6 GROOVER.



10.  CLAUDE5 GROOVER (SOLOMON MALACHI4, SARAH ANN3 HAGAN, NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born May 20, 1890.  He married SUSIE MAUDE MURPHY June 23, 1915. 



                      i.    RAY6 GROOVER.

                     ii.    FRED GROOVER.

                    iii.    ANNE GROOVER, m. JOE BOWER CRANE.

                   iv.    EMILY GROOVER.

                    v.    RUTH GROOVER.



11.  HUGH5 GROOVER (SOLOMON MALACHI4, SARAH ANN3 HAGAN, NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born June 30, 1893.  He married WINNIE AUSTIN January 14, 1915. 



                      i.    HUGH BENTON6 GROOVER.

                     ii.    SOLOMON GROOVER.



12.  SUDIE5 GROOVER (SOLOMON MALACHI4, SARAH ANN3 HAGAN, NANCY2 CONE, WILLIAM1) was born September 04, 1895.  She married HUBERT MCKINNON June 30, 1920. 



                      i.    RAYMON JUDSON6 MCKINNON.

                     ii.    IDA MAUDE MCKINNON.

                    iii.    PATTI SUE MCKINNON.