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Descendants of Joseph Cone



Generation No. 1


1.  JOSEPH2 CONE (WILLIAM1) was born May 17, 1772 in North Carolina, and died April 13, 1839 in Thomas Co., Ga.  He married MARY ELIZABETH STEWART February 17, 1796 in Georgia, daughter of ALEXANDER STEWART and HANNAH HULL.  She was born January 08, 1772 in Isle of Skye, Scotland, and died August 26, 1848 in Thomas Co., Ga.


Notes for JOSEPH CONE:

Joseph Cone moved from South Carolina to Georgia with his father and grew up in Effingham, Screven and Bulloch Counties.  About 1801 he moved to Glynn County.  This land became a part of Camden County in 1805.  The Cone family lived in that part of Camden County that became Charlton County.  For a brief period they lived in Houston County, Ga.  He moved to Thomas County, Ga. about 1826, about five years after the formation of Thomas County.


Joseph Cone, after many years residence in Bulloch County, Ga., became one of the early settlers of Thomas County, Ga.  He settled on the Aucilla Creek, probably on Land Lot 227 in Land District 13.  This is where he bought timbered land and improved a farm.  He resided there until his death.  The Cone Cemetery is located either in Land Lot 227 or in adjacent Lot No. 234.  Joseph married Mary Elizabeth Stewart, whose parents, Alexander Stewart and Hannah (Hull), came to America from their native Scotland.  After a residence of a few years in America they returned to Scotland.


Joseph Cone's estate was settled at the Thomasville Court House in 1840.  One of his sons-in-law who showed up for a share of the estate was John Stafford, who was the second husband of Hannah Cone.   (Her first husband was Samuel Perkins.)  Both of her marriages are recorded in the court records of Camden County, Georgia.  As Hannah Stafford she witnessed a deed transaction of her father's on Jan. 9, 1823.  This record involved property in Monroe County, Ga. and is recorded in that county's Deed Book B on pages 78 & 79.  Information on Hannah Cone was almost lost until the 1850 census record of Walton County, Florida provided more family data.


Joseph Cone bought a lot in Barwick in 1826.  Thomas County was opened for settlement by the 1820 Lottery.  This lot (Land Lot # 203) was west of the railroad in the present town of Barwick and contained approximately 290 acres.  He paid $600 for the land lot at Barwick which was a high price.  The deeds were witnessed by James Lovett and James D. Cone.  It is apparent that Joseph Cone was not in Thomas County at the time of this purchase.  Apparently James D. Cone and James Lovett arranged this transaction.  Joseph did not clear or settle this lot.  He sold this lot soon after coming to Thomas County.  He moved on down the Coffee Road to a point about one mile south of the present Eason Crossing on U.S. Hwy 84.  This was about one mile south of where Old Boston was later located.  He purchase and settled on land lot # 234.  This lot is where he established the Cone Cemetery.  He was a farmer and dabbled in real estate sales.



Burial: Cone Cemetery, Thomas Co., Ga.

Occupation: Farmer

Residence: Aucilla Creek, Boston, Thomas Co., Ga



Burial: Cone Cemetery, Thomas Co., Ga.


Children of JOSEPH CONE and MARY STEWART are:

                      i.    MATILDA3 CONE.

                     ii.    SUSAN CONE.

2.                iii.    JAMES D. CONE, b. August 25, 1800, Bulloch Co., Ga.; d. July 06, 1888, Thomas Co., Georgia.

3.                iv.    HANNAH B. CONE, b. November 26, 1802, Georgia; d. Walton Co., Fl.

4.                 v.    JOHN BARBER CONE, b. April 19, 1806, Bulloch Co., Ga.; d. July 23, 1869, Thomas Co., Ga..

5.                vi.    KEZIAH CONE, b. June 11, 1811, Bulloch Co., Ga.; d. 1856, Ware-now Pierce Co., Ga.

6.               vii.    JOSEPH CONE, b. November 18, 1815, Camden Co., Ga.; d. 1869.



Generation No. 2


2.  JAMES D.3 CONE (JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born August 25, 1800 in Bulloch Co., Ga., and died July 06, 1888 in Thomas Co., Georgia.  He married RACHEL LOVETT January 25, 1832 in Georgia, daughter of JAMES LOVETT and CATHERINE ZITTERAUER.  She was born September 21, 1815 in Twiggs Co. Ga, and died February 04, 1906 in Thomas County.


Children of JAMES CONE and RACHEL LOVETT are:

                      i.    MARY CATHERINE4 CONE, b. January 17, 1833, Thomas County; d. January 01, 1911, Lake Butler, Fl.

                     ii.    SARAH ELIZABETH CONE, b. June 10, 1834, Thomas County; d. Abt. 1840.

                    iii.    HANNAH LISTISHIA CONE, b. May 28, 1836, Thomas County, Ga.; d. Abt. 1840, Thomas Co., Ga.

7.                iv.    RACHEL M. CONE, b. February 14, 1838, Thomas County, Ga.; d. September 01, 1900, Brooks Co., Ga.

                    v.    CSA JAMES J. CONE, b. July 03, 1839, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. August 30, 1862, In Civil War.

                   vi.    MOSES BERRIEN CONE, b. July 05, 1841, Thomas Co., Ga; d. July 23, 1862, CSA - Unknown.

                  vii.    FRANCIS MARION CONE, b. January 25, 1844, Thomas Co. Ga.; d. Abt. 1862, In Civil War?

8.              viii.    MELISSA CONE, b. December 02, 1845, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. August 21, 1920, Thomas Co., Ga.

9.                ix.    CONE, b. April 03, 1848, Thomas County, Ga.; d. October 08, 1934.

                    x.    WASHINGTON CONE, b. February 22, 1850, Thomas County; d. 1850.

                   xi.    JOSHUA A. CONE, b. October 05, 1851, Thomas Co., Ga.

10.             xii.    MARY VALILIA CONE, b. December 02, 1852, Thomas County, Ga.; d. November 12, 1928, Barwick, Ga.

                 xiii.    JOSHUA CONE, b. September 11, 1854, Thomas County, Ga.; d. Thomas Co., Ga.; m. ANN TAYLOR, January 07, 1875, Thomas Co., Ga.; b. 1858, Georgia.

                 xiv.    AREANN S. CONE, b. September 28, 1855, Thomas Co., Ga.

                  xv.    MARGIANN ARABIA CONE, b. October 18, 1856, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. November 24, 1881, Thomas County, Ga.; m. JOHN M. CLEWIS, December 26, 1872, Thomas Co. Ga..

11.           xvi.    WILLIAM WALTER CONE, b. August 24, 1859, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. August 11, 1901, Boston, Ga. Thomas, Co.

12.          xvii.    WARREN CONE, b. July 23, 1862, Thomas County, Ga.; d. October 27, 1929, Barwick, Ga.



3.  HANNAH B.3 CONE (JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born November 26, 1802 in Georgia, and died in Walton Co., Fl.  She married (1) SAMUEL PERKINS May 09, 1820 in Camden Co., Ga.    She married (2) JOHN STAFFORD March 21, 1822 in Camden Co., Ga., son of MARY RAWLS and EZEKIAL STAFFORD.  He was born April 18, 1795 in Screven, Tattnall Co., Ga., and died Abt. 1850 in Walton Co., Fl.


Children of HANNAH CONE and JOHN STAFFORD are:

                      i.    JOSEPH4 STAFFORD, b. December 26, 1822, Georgia.

                     ii.    ROBERT STAFFORD, b. 1826, Ga.; m. MARY; b. 1834, Fl.

13.              iii.    MARTHA KEZIAH STAFFORD, b. January 14, 1831, Florida; d. January 20, 1920, Vernon Parish, La.

                   iv.    JOHN STAFFORD, JR., b. 1834, Fl.

                    v.    WILLIAM STAFFORD, b. 1836, Fl.

                   vi.    JAMES STAFFORD, b. 1840, Fl.



4.  JOHN BARBER3 CONE (JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born April 19, 1806 in Bulloch Co., Ga., and died July 23, 1869 in Thomas Co., Ga.  He married CIVILITY WALKER December 04, 1829 in Leon Co. Fl., daughter of ISHAM WALKER and CIVILITY JONES.  She was born April 07, 1809 in Camden Co. Ga., and died November 12, 1889.



John Barber and Civility had 12 children.  Six of their sons served in the Confederate Army, James giving his life to the Southern cause.  Few southern families were better represented in the war by practical service than the Cones.  (From:  A History of Savannah and South Georgia)


John came to South Georgia along with his father, Joseph Cone.  Joseph and John settled on Aucilla Creek at or near the "Old Coffee Road" about one mile south of Eason Crossing on Highway 84 West of Thomasville, Ga.



Burial: Cone Cem., Thomas Co., Ga.


Children of JOHN CONE and CIVILITY WALKER are:

14.                i.    ISHAM WALKER4 CONE, b. March 03, 1831, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. November 18, 1907, Starke, Fl.

15.               ii.    WILLIAM ASHTON CONE, b. March 16, 1832, Thomas County Georgia; d. August 13, 1913, Union County, Fl.

16.              iii.    MARY ELIZABETH STEWART CONE, b. August 17, 1833, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. January 01, 1910, Bradford Co., Fl.

17.              iv.    JOSEPH J. CONE, b. April 08, 1835, Camden Co., Ga.; d. February 20, 1901.

18.               v.    JAMES FLEMING CONE, b. March 03, 1837; d. July 20, 1864.

                   vi.    AARON PETER A. CONE, b. April 02, 1839, Thomas County, Ga.; d. August 28, 1854.

19.             vii.    ANNIE CLAUDIA CONE, b. July 28, 1841, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. November 28, 1914.

                 viii.    JOHN D. CONE, b. March 16, 1844, Thomas Co., Ga.; m. ANN DEKLE, February 28, 1866, Thomas Co. Ga..


Notes for JOHN D. CONE:

NAME: John D. Cone

Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865 by Lillian

Henderson, Vol V, page 923.


20.              ix.    ANSEL BARBER CONE, b. May 25, 1846, Thomas Co., Ga; d. November 08, 1914, Boston, Thomas Co., Ga.

21.               x.    MARGARET STEWART CONE, b. December 28, 1849, Thomas County, Ga.; d. February 25, 1896.

22.              xi.    HENRY FRANKLIN TOOKE CONE, b. November 28, 1852, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. August 14, 1938.

                  xii.    KING SOLOMON CONE, b. September 15, 1858, Thomas County, Ga.; d. August 01, 1890.



5.  KEZIAH3 CONE (JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born June 11, 1811 in Bulloch Co., Ga., and died 1856 in Ware-now Pierce Co., Ga.  She married JAMES WALKER February 08, 1827 in Camden Co., Ga., son of ISHAM WALKER and CIVILITY JONES.  He was born February 04, 1803 in Bulloch Co. Ga., and died 1859 in Pierce Co, Ga.


Children of KEZIAH CONE and JAMES WALKER are:

                      i.    HAMPTON4 WALKER, b. 1828; d. 1855.

                     ii.    MARY C. WALKER, b. 1831; m. BENJIMAN F. DAVIS.

                    iii.    JAMES H. WALKER, b. 1833.

                   iv.    CIVILITY WALKER, b. 1836.

                    v.    SARAH C. WALKER, b. 1839; m. HENRY DAVIS.

                   vi.    MATILDA WALKER, b. 1842; d. March 13, 1861; m. ROBERT PAXTON; b. 1834.

                  vii.    JOSEPH F. WALKER, b. 1845; d. October 19, 1868, Brooks Co., Ga.

                 viii.    JOHN W. WALKER, b. 1848; d. 1879, Brooks Co., Ga.

                   ix.    ISHAM A. WALKER, b. 1850; m. AGNES SCRUGGS.

23.               x.    KEZIAH WALKER, b. February 04, 1855; d. January 26, 1882, Brooks Co., Ga.



6.  JOSEPH3 CONE (JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born November 18, 1815 in Camden Co., Ga., and died 1869.  He married (1) PENINA ELIZABETH CARROLL June 30, 1838 in Thomas Co., Ga.  She was born 1813 in N.C., and died 1860.  He married (2) ELIZA JACKSON August 15, 1861 in Thomas Co., Ga.  She was born 1819 in Ga., and died Abt. 1892.



                      i.    D. N.4 CONE, b. 1849, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. Abt. 1860, Thomas Co., Ga.



Generation No. 3


7.  RACHEL M.4 CONE (JAMES D.3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born February 14, 1838 in Thomas County, Ga., and died September 01, 1900 in Brooks Co., Ga..  She married THEOPHILUS BENNETT MASSEY November 30, 1856 in Thomas Co. Ga., son of WILEY MASSEY and CELIA HENRY.  He was born January 15, 1831 in Stewart County, Ga., and died March 26, 1896 in Barwick, Ga..



Theophilus Massey's father, Wiley Massey, was born in 1802 in Franklin County, N.C., the son of Barrachias Massey and Byda Williams.   Wiley moved with his family when they moved to Washington Co., Ga. and when they later moved to Stewart Co., Ga. He was on the Presbytery of the Mount Olive Primitive Bapt. Ch. in Chattahoochee County, Ga. as of Feb.26, 1848. He was listed in the 1840 and 1850 census of Stewart Co. and he was appointed reviewer of roads on Sept. 5, 1831.  He also served as as a petit juror in June of 1831.


About 1851, Wiley Massey moved to Thomas County, Ga. He was a Farmer and a Primitive Baptist Church preacher. He served as pastor of Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church from 1854 to 1860. He was a member of the Presbytery for the forming of Harmony Primitive Baptist Church in 1855, where he served as preacher. He also served Antioch Church in 1864 and 1865 and Tired Creek in Decatur (Now Brooks) County from 1867 to 1869. On Dec. 14, 1883, Elder Wiley Massey was called to serve at Harmony Church for the 1884.  He accepted the call and preached for  the last time on January 19, 1884.  On June 14, 1884, a supply preacher was called. Though no records can be found, it is believed that he had died or died soon after this occurrence. Wiley and his wife are believed to be buried in unmarked graves in Antioch Cemetery (Near Boston, Ga.).


This Information submitted by: Betty Jo Massey McCall of Hiawassee, Ga.




24.                i.    MARY CATHERINE5 MASSEY, b. December 26, 1857, Brooks Co., Ga.; d. November 12, 1928, Barwick, Ga..

25.               ii.    ARIANN MASSEY, b. May 28, 1859, Barwick, Ga.; d. January 09, 1953, Barwick, Ga..

26.              iii.    JAMES LAFAYETTE MASSEY, b. March 05, 1861, Barwick, Ga.; d. September 26, 1923, Barwick, Ga..

27.              iv.    THEOPHILUS MARION MASSEY, b. July 28, 1862, Brooks Co., Ga.; d. July 08, 1913, Barwick, Ga..

                    v.    MINERVA MASSEY, b. March 19, 1865, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. April 20, 1899, Thomas Co., Ga..

                   vi.    BERRY FRANKLIN MASSEY, b. December 10, 1865, Barwick, Ga.; d. December 19, 1943, Barwick, Ga..

                  vii.    MARGIANNE MASSEY, b. June 29, 1869, Thomas Co. Ga.; d. September 03, 1877, Thomas Co. Ga..

28.            viii.    JOHN WARREN MASSEY, b. July 04, 1871, Barwick, Ga.; d. April 12, 1924, Montgomery, Ala..

29.              ix.    EMMA CORNELIA MASSEY, b. August 10, 1873, Barwick, Ga.; d. April 07, 1912.

30.               x.    HENRY WALTON MASSEY, b. June 06, 1876, Barwick, Ga.; d. September 07, 1920.

                   xi.    CHARLIE W. MASSEY, b. November 12, 1878, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. August 14, 1882, Thomas Co., Ga..



8.  MELISSA4 CONE (JAMES D.3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born December 02, 1845 in Thomas Co., Ga., and died August 21, 1920 in Thomas Co., Ga..  She married JOSEPH FRANCIS MCCANN July 16, 1866.  He was born October 02, 1842, and died October 23, 1904.



Joseph and Melissa eloped on a red horse to get married.  Melissa's father had objected to the marriage because Joseph had a peg-leg, received during the Civil War, and he did not think that Joseph could provide for his daughter.



31.                i.    MARY MALISSA5 MCCANN, b. April 20, 1867, Thomas County, Ga.; d. October 14, 1921.

                     ii.    SUSAN ARABIA MCCANN, b. September 08, 1868, Thomas Co.; m. OWENS.

32.              iii.    LAURA MANERVA MCCANN, b. November 14, 1869; d. April 09, 1895, Thomas Co., Ga..

33.              iv.    JAMES JOSHUA MCCANN, b. May 05, 1871; d. June 08, 1939.

                    v.    LILLA GABRILLA MCCANN, b. February 19, 1873; d. May 18, 1899.

34.              vi.    ALICE GERTRUDE MCCANN, b. January 21, 1875; d. October 21, 1957.

                  vii.    JOSEPH WILLIAM MCCANN, b. July 13, 1877; d. December 18, 1890.

35.            viii.    JOHN FRANCIS MCCANN, b. January 26, 1879, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. October 20, 1939.

                   ix.    WALTER HUGH MCCANN, b. June 19, 1880.

                    x.    BERTIE LEE MCCANN, b. May 06, 1882; d. December 02, 1958; m. MANDY DIXON.

36.              xi.    AUGUSTUS SAMUEL MCCANN, b. November 27, 1883.

                  xii.    LONIE IRENE MAY MCCANN, b. September 11, 1886; d. September 05, 1904; m. BRICE.

37.            xiii.    ANNA RACHEL MCCANN, b. January 26, 1888.



9.  CONE4 (JAMES D.3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born April 03, 1848 in Thomas County, Ga., and died October 08, 1934.  She married ZADOCK W. HOWELL November 05, 1868 in Thomas Co., Ga.. 


Child of CONE and ZADOCK HOWELL is:

38.                i.    EMMA5 HOWELL.



10.  MARY VALILIA4 CONE (JAMES D.3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born December 02, 1852 in Thomas County, Ga., and died November 12, 1928 in Barwick, Ga..  She married JOSEPH DESIBLU BARROW November 06, 1873 in Thomas Co., Ga., son of JOSHUA BARROW and EMELINE RAMSEY.  He was born July 27, 1849, and died February 16, 1914 in Thomas Co., Ga..


Children of MARY CONE and JOSEPH BARROW are:

39.                i.    JOHN ALEXANDER5 BARROW, b. August 16, 1874, Barwick, Ga.; d. 1916, Boynton Beach, Fla.

40.               ii.    JAMES EDWARD BARROW, SR., b. January 21, 1878, Barwick, Ga.; d. December 29, 1957, Barwick, Ga..

41.              iii.    ERNEST D. BARROW, b. October 23, 1879, Thomas Co.; d. March 28, 1941, Delray Beach, Fla..

42.              iv.    JOSHUA LESLIE BARROW, b. July 02, 1883, Thomas Co.; d. July 21, 1909, Whigham, Ga..

43.               v.    JOSEPH GORDON BARROW, SR., b. May 27, 1887, Barwick, Ga.; d. December 13, 1944, Grady Mem., Atlanta, Ga..

44.              vi.    IRA ELMER BARROW, b. October 02, 1894, Thomas Co.; d. October 14, 1991, Barwick Cem.

                  vii.    ALMA BARROW, b. June 28, 1898, Thomas County; d. March 31, 1900, Thomas County.



11.  WILLIAM WALTER4 CONE (JAMES D.3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born August 24, 1859 in Thomas Co., Ga., and died August 11, 1901 in Boston, Ga. Thomas, Co..  He married NANCY MCMULLEN BROWN October 30, 1889, daughter of ROBERT BROWN and SARAH LOVETT.  She was born December 14, 1867 in Brooks, Co., Ga., and died September 14, 1935 in Thomas Co., Ga., Barwick.


Children of WILLIAM CONE and NANCY BROWN are:

45.                i.    ALONZO CLEMENT5 CONE, b. September 28, 1891; d. November 01, 1950, Augusta, Ga..

46.               ii.    ORIE LEE CONE, b. March 27, 1893; d. December 26, 1982, Quitman, Ga..

47.              iii.    OGIE CONE, b. August 25, 1894, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. March 23, 1970, Thomasville, Ga..

48.              iv.    SALLIE LOVE CONE, b. October 10, 1896, Thomas Co., Ga. Metcalf.; d. May 29, 1993, Atlanta, Ga..

                    v.    IDA JANE CONE, b. January 25, 1899, Thomas Co., Ga. Metcalf; d. September 25, 1969, Brooks Co., Ga.; m. CHARLES LOVETT PERSONS; b. 1890; d. 1958.

                   vi.    WILLIAM WALTER CONE, JR., b. March 07, 1901; d. April 21, 1983, Dublin, Ga..



12.  WARREN4 CONE (JAMES D.3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born July 23, 1862 in Thomas County, Ga., and died October 27, 1929 in Barwick, Ga..  He married DELLA HOWELL December 22, 1881 in Thomas Co., Ga..  She was born June 18, 1862 in Thomas Co., Ga., and died January 25, 1933 in Barwick, Ga..


Children of WARREN CONE and DELLA HOWELL are:

                      i.    FLORRIE AMAZON5 CONE, b. October 04, 1882, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. February 24, 1946, Thomas Co., Ga.; m. (1) HENRY ROBERT LASTINGER, Thomas County, Ga.; b. October 05, 1876, Brooks Co., Ga.; d. July 12, 1963; m. (2) HARVEY CAMMERON.

49.               ii.    REMER NAPOLEON CONE, b. September 22, 1884, Thomas County; d. April 24, 1962, Thomasville, Ga..

                    iii.    WILLIAM WALTER CONE, b. June 02, 1886, Thomas County; d. November 23, 1961, Gretna, La.; m. CELENA NEEB BOUCHON, La..

                   iv.    GROVER CLEVELAND CONE, b. February 08, 1888, Thomas County; d. May 13, 1907, Barwick, Ga..



It is said that Grover had contracted the measles.  He stayed out on the front porch in inclement weather the afternoon before he died.


A loving tribute to the memory of Cleveland Cone by his teacher, B. H. Culbreth.


Whom the Gods love, die young; Was said of yore.


This morning - Monday - our town is shrouded in profound gloom.  A guest has visited one of our homes - a guest unbid - who, armed with resistless power, remained without a welcome from his host.  For nine long days, this guest loitered around the room with lawless freedom, and at night, would stalk into the room, and cast his shadows on the walls.  At last he grew more familiar, and bending lowly over the couch, called the noble, generous spirit of Cleveland to the God, who gave it.  There is something exquisitely touching in the tolling of a church-bell amid the silence of quiet country folks.  The plowman stops his horse to listen to the solemn tidings of mortality.  The sympathizing mothers forget their work, and with the needle suspended tremulously over the garment before them, give a deep sigh, and wonder who it is that is gone to his long home; And the innocent children, cheerful as their glee, and merry as their songs, pause amid their merry gambols and catch the melancholy sound and cover their little heads when they go to bed at night.  And this is death.


If a man die, shall he live again?  Yes; and more abundantly.


Cleveland died at the approach of morning, just as the stars were fading away, one by one, from the gray heavens, and night had slowly receded before the approach of golden morn.  It was one of the loveliest customs of the ancients to bury their young at early morning twilight.  They gave a soft interpretation to death, believing that Aurora, the goddess of light, who loved the young, took them to her soft embrace, and forever looked after their happiness.  Better for us, that we should think more of the happiness and beauties of Heaven, than have such fearful concern about that other place.  Is there anyone so faithless as to believe that God will not provide for those for whom his Son died!


I believe that my young friend, Cleveland, is safe in the embrace of a loving Savior.  He left this life just as he was merging into the prime of manhood.  He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cone of this place.  He was a pupil of the Barwick school, and be it said to his credit, that during two terms, her never had to be corrected.  He knew his duty and always did it.


The entire community go out in deep sympathy toward the bereaved family.



Cause of Death: Measles


50.               v.    JAMES BERRY CONE, b. June 18, 1890, Thomas County, Ga.; d. April 05, 1978, Thomas County, Ga..

                   vi.    MARGUERITE BLANCHE CONE, b. May 06, 1892, Thomas Co.; d. December 21, 1979, Quitman, Ga.; m. MARION GODWIN MELTON, Brooks Co., Ga..

                  vii.    RACHAEL LOUISE CONE, b. March 15, 1896, Thomas County; d. November 11, 1996, Thomasville, Ga.; m. HUGH MOORE VONIER, June 30, 1935, Thomas County; b. March 25, 1892, Thomas County; d. December 14, 1985, Thomas Co., Ga..

51.            viii.    HELEN BAMA CONE, b. June 04, 1898, Barwick, Ga.; d. March 10, 1977, Thomasville, Ga..

52.              ix.    RUTH CONE, b. February 28, 1900, Thomas County; d. December 05, 1927, Thomas County.

53.               x.    ROMEO DAISY CONE, b. September 21, 1902, Thomas Co., Barwick, Ga.; d. December 02, 1987, Jacksonville, Fla..



13.  MARTHA KEZIAH4 STAFFORD (HANNAH B.3 CONE, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born January 14, 1831 in Florida, and died January 20, 1920 in Vernon Parish, La..  She married GEORGE HENRY STEPHENS March 10, 1848 in Holmes Co., Fl., son of WILLIAM STEPHENS and REBECCA BROXTON.  He was born January 10, 1824 in Dale Co., Al., and died March 09, 1892 in Vernon Parish, La..



54.                i.    GEORGE THOMAS5 STEPHENS, b. May 18, 1858, Rapides Parish, La.; d. July 13, 1944, Leesville, LA.



14.  ISHAM WALKER4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born March 03, 1831 in Thomas Co., Ga., and died November 18, 1907 in Starke, Fl.  He married (1) BARBARY M. MILTON March 02, 1854 in Thomas Co., Ga., daughter of NATHANIEL MILTON and FRANCES JONES.  She was born August 07, 1832 in Georgia, and died May 29, 1873 in Union Co., Fl..  He married (2) ELIZABETH WHITE June 30, 1874 in Bradford Co., Fl..  She was born May 06, 1842 in Liberty Co,. Ga., and died June 08, 1923 in Bradford Co., Fl..



The 1860 Census lists:

I.W. Cone age 30

Barbary (Milton) Age: 26 Sex: F

Julia Age: 3 Sex: F

Thomas Age: 2 Sex: M

Margaret Age: 1/12 Sex: F


I. W. Cone, Private, Enlisted March 17, 1862 in Capt. Robert Hardee's Co. H, 9th. Georgia Regiment ("Brooks Rifles") Brooks Co., Ga., Ga Voluntary Infantry Army of the North Virginia; Private on 1 Mar. 1862 and 28 Feb. 1865.


"I was wounded at the 2nd. Battle of Manassas Virginia in August, 1962: in the left thigh.... by

gunshot wound, the ball striking my thigh at the inside just above my left knee....., breaking

the small bone beneath my left knee joint."


Honorably discharged April, 1865 at General Lee's surrender (at Appomattox).


Jan. 10, 1902 applied for a pension (He was 72 yrs. old). The physician who examined him stated

"He was crippled from war wound in left thigh and leg; was suffering with Gall Bladder problems;

and appeared nervous".


He was granted a pension of $96 per. annum in 1902. It was renewed by his widow  Nov. 30, 1907 and

was raised to $120 per annum.


He is buried in Crosby Lake Cemetery, Plat 3, Section 30, Township 6, S., Range 22, E.

Directions: From the intersection of State Hwy. #17 and #48 (Kingsley Avenue) in the town of Starke,

Fl., go north on #48 for three miles to Crosby Lake Cemetery, which lies on the left side of the Highway.


(Submitted by: Muriel Elizabeth Wicks (Escobar).



Burial: Crosby Lake Cemetery, Starke, Fl.

Cause of death (Facts Pg): Gall Bladder

Military service: Confederate Soldier

Occupation: Farmer

Residence: Thomas Co. Ga./Bradford Co., Fl


Children of ISHAM CONE and BARBARY MILTON are:

                      i.    FRANCES E.5 CONE, b. August 11, 1855, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. young in Thomas Co., Ga..

                     ii.    JULIE E. CONE, b. September 24, 1856; m. LEONARD B. WHITE, December 03, 1871, Bradford Co., Fl..

55.              iii.    MARGARET S. CONE, b. January 16, 1859, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. December 31, 1945, FL..

56.              iv.    THOMAS JAMES CONE, b. March 29, 1858; d. December 23, 1905, Bradford Co., Fl..

                    v.    GRACE ANN CONE, b. September 26, 1861.

                   vi.    SUSAN CONE, b. August 19, 1863, Florida; d. Abt. 1870.

57.             vii.    ADA ELIZABETH CONE, b. January 29, 1867, Thomas County, Ga.; d. February 14, 1927, Houston, Tx.

58.            viii.    WILLIAM M. CONE, b. January 29, 1867; d. March 04, 1925, Lake Butler, Un. Co. Fl..

                   ix.    BARBARA A. CONE, b. 1868, Florida; d. Abt. 1870.


Notes for BARBARA A. CONE:

Barbara A. Cone was not enumerated with the family during the 1880 Census when she would have been only 12 years old.  It is doubtful she was married by then.  She may have been visiting somewhere else.  No trace of her has been found since 1870.  She probably had died before the 1880 census.


                    x.    JOHN CONE, b. 1877; d. Abt. 1880, Bradford Co. Fl..




59.              xi.    JOHN C.5 CONE, b. January 10, 1875; d. March 07, 1928.

                  xii.    ISHAM L. CONE, b. 1876, Florida; m. LUTIE HENDERSON, March 12, 1905.

60.            xiii.    GEORGE HENRY CONE, b. Abt. 1877; d. October 26, 1951.

                 xiv.    JACK CONE, b. 1885, Florida; d. Abt. 1900, Bradford Co., Fl..

61.            xv.    JESSE ANSEL CONE, b. October 26, 1887; d. December 09, 1945.

62.           xvi.    ROBERT C. CONE, b. 1888, Florida; d. 1946.



15.  WILLIAM ASHTON4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born March 16, 1832 in Thomas County Georgia, and died August 13, 1913 in Union County, Fl..  He married (1) FRANCES ELIZABETH MILTON, daughter of FRANCES JONES and NATHANIEL MILTON.  She was born December 02, 1836.  He married (2) SUSAN J. MILTON April 15, 1853 in Georgia.  She was born June 08, 1838, and died 1856.



Enlisted Aug. 13, 1862; Assigned to Co. H Brooks County Rifles, 9th Georgia Infantry under

Captain Cockrell.


Honorably Discharged June 29, 1863 at Stanton, Va.


April 1904 applied for a pension:


"A farmer and a miller" at Guilford, Bradford Co., Fl.  5ft. 9 inches tall, Dark complexion, dark eyes, black hair.


Has resided in Florida continuously since Dec. 20, 1869. States he has chronic diarrhea due to

diet and exposure during the war.


Has rheumatism and no one to (help) attend to farming and mill-work.


States value of real estate property at Guilford as $300; cattle $250; personal property at $75;

(A total of $625)


The pension in 1904 had an annual stipend of $96. It was renewed in July, 1909 and raised to $120

per annum.


William Ashton Cone is buried in P ! Gr * of Mount Zion-Swift Creek Cemetery (Union County, Fl.)


Directions: from town of Lake Butler go west on State Hwy. 28 for one mile; turn right (north) and go

four miles; turn left (west) and go one-half mile. The Cemetery is on the right side of the road. 



63.                i.    ANSEL EDGAR5 CONE, b. January 14, 1868, Boston, Ga., Thomas Co.; d. December 28, 1928, Lake Butler, Fl..



16.  MARY ELIZABETH STEWART4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born August 17, 1833 in Thomas Co., Ga., and died January 01, 1910 in Bradford Co., Fl..  She married THOMAS IRWIN DEKLE September 01, 1847 in Thomas Co., Ga., son of THOMAS DEKLE and WEALTHY CANADAY.  He was born May 15, 1824 in Thomas Co., Ga., and died March 13, 1908 in Bradford Co., Fl..



The Dekles resided at New River County, Fl. during the 1860 census.  New River Co. changed to Bradford Co. in 1861.  Part of Bradford became Union County in 1921.  Lake Butler is now in Union County.  Thomas Dekle's middle name is spelled "Ervin" on his Tombstone.

Reference:  Elizabeth F. Hopkins Collection with the Bible record of Thomas E. and Mary Dekle.


Obituary:  Sister Elizabeth M. S. Dekle was born 8-17-1833 and was united in the holy bonds of matrimony with Thomas E. Dekle, Sept. 1, 1847, and was the faithful and loving mother of fourteen children, seven sons and seven daughters, most of whom are living in and around Lake Butler, Fl. and are honorable men and women, some of them holding very honorable positions.  After filling a mother's place in raising her children, she united with the church at her appreciation to her brethren and sisters, administering to them the necessities of life in her own home, but finally her measure was filled and she departed this life Jan. 1st, 1911.  We greatly miss her but we feel that our great loss is her eternal gain.

M. O. Touchtone



Thomas Irwin Dekle and Mary Elizabeth Stewart Cone


The Dekles resided at New River County, Florida during the 1860 Census. New River changed to



Children of MARY CONE and THOMAS DEKLE are:

                      i.    MARY MATILDA5 DEKLE, b. April 01, 1850; d. March 10, 1932; m. MATHEW L. MCKINNEY, May 13, 1867; b. September 05, 1842; d. June 27, 1925.

                     ii.    DANIEL DOLPHUS DEKLE, b. July 24, 1851; d. November 17, 1865.

64.              iii.    WEALTHY ANN CUMMINGS DEKLE, b. November 17, 1853; d. May 11, 1937.

                   iv.    JOHN IRWIN DEKLE, b. October 31, 1855; d. March 07, 1906; m. MELVINA ROBERTS, November 08, 1877; b. November 14, 1857; d. July 25, 1944.

65.               v.    THOMAS JAMES F. DEKLE, b. July 09, 1857, Bradford Co., Fl.; d. July 26, 1920.

                   vi.    MARTHA MARGARET DEKLE, b. September 16, 1861; d. October 16, 1866.

66.             vii.    PETER PAUL DEKLE, b. October 31, 1863; d. May 10, 1940.

67.            viii.    LOU ELLA DEKLE, b. April 08, 1866; d. October 16, 1938.

68.              ix.    LEBIUS STEWART DEKLE, b. April 18, 1868; d. July 28, 1938.

69.               x.    LOLA NAOMI DEKLE, b. November 15, 1870; d. February 08, 1958.

70.              xi.    AGATHA DEKLE, b. March 12, 1873; d. January 13, 1914.

                  xii.    HENRY VALENTINE DEKLE, b. February 14, 1875; d. March 22, 1877.

71.            xiii.    WILLIAM ARTHUR DEKLE, b. April 15, 1877; d. August 16, 1948.

72.           xiv.    SUSAN ELIZABETH DEKLE, b. October 18, 1859; d. November 01, 1959.



17.  JOSEPH J.4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born April 08, 1835 in Camden Co., Ga., and died February 20, 1901.  He married MARGARET P. JOHNS December 28, 1869, daughter of ARCHIBALD JOHNS and MARGARET GEIGER.  She was born May 25, 1846, and died May 08, 1883.


Notes for JOSEPH J. CONE:

Joseph J. Cone was enumerated at Bradford Co., Fl. during the 1870 and 1880 census.

Three of John Barber Cone's children married children of Archibald H. Johns:

Joseph J. Cone m. Margaret P. Johns; Annie C. Cone m. Jeremiah M. Johns; and

Ansel Barber Cone m. Laura Pearl Johns.


Joseph J. Cone was a Confederate Soldier. He served as a private in Company "A",

57th. Georgia Regiment. He died in Bradford Co., Fl. and is buried in a private cemetery.

Margaret P. Johns was buried near her husband in the Prevatt Cemetery. She was

the daughter of Archibald H. Johns (1810-1879) and Margaret Geiger (1814-1851). The

Prevatt Cemetery is located near Starke, Fl.




More About JOSEPH J. CONE:

Burial: Prevatt Cemetery, Bradford County, Fl.



Burial: Prevatt Cemetery, Bradford County, Fl.



                      i.    WILLIS A.5 CONE, b. 1869, Fl.; d. Abt. 1870, Bradford Co., Fl..

                     ii.    JOHN L. CONE, b. Abt. 1870, Fl.; d. Abt. 1870.

                    iii.    WALTER CONE, b. Abt. 1870, Fl.; d. Abt. 1880, Bradford Co., Fl..

73.              iv.    ANNIE P. CONE, b. January 06, 1871, Fl.; d. April 10, 1958.

                    v.    ERNEST J. CONE, b. 1872, Fl.; d. 1892.


Notes for ERNEST J. CONE:

When Ernest J. Cone's mother, Mrs. Margaret P. (Johns) Cone died in 1883, she had been sharing part of his grandfather's estate, left to her after her father, Archibald H. Johns, died in 1879.  Ernest's father, Joseph J. Cone, then obtained guardianship.


                   vi.    JERRY M. CONE, b. March 21, 1875; d. September 26, 1892.



18.  JAMES FLEMING4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born March 03, 1837, and died July 20, 1864.  He married SEMIDOSHIA ADELIA STEPHENS August 04, 1858, daughter of BAZZEAL STEPHENS and NANCY MCCANN.  She was born 1837 in Georgia.



James Fleming Cone died in the Civil War in the Battle of Manassas.



Cause of Death: Civil War Casualty



                      i.    ANNETTEA IDELLA5 CONE, b. 1860, Thomas Co., Ga..

74.               ii.    PETER EDGAR CONE, b. May 1861, Brooks Co., Ga.; d. October 27, 1932, Lee County, Ga..

                    iii.    JIMMIE MARGARET CONE, b. December 01, 1861, Georgia; m. GEORGE SMITH, March 11, 1880, Thomas Co., Ga..



19.  ANNIE CLAUDIA4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born July 28, 1841 in Thomas Co., Ga., and died November 28, 1914.  She married JEREMIAH M. JOHNS, son of ARCHIBALD JOHNS and MARGARET GEIGER.  He was born November 28, 1844 in Starke, Fl., and died Abt. 1910 in Bradford Co. Fl..


Children of ANNIE CONE and JEREMIAH JOHNS are:

                      i.    ARCHIBALD H.5 JOHNS, b. 1877, Bradford Co., Fl.; d. Abt. 1910, Bradford Co., Fl..

                     ii.    NONA ALVA JOHNS, b. 1879, Fl..



20.  ANSEL BARBER4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born May 25, 1846 in Thomas Co., Ga, and died November 08, 1914 in Boston, Thomas Co., Ga..  He married (1) LAURA PEARL JOHNS December 28, 1869 in Thomas Co., Ga., daughter of ARCHIBALD JOHNS and MARGARET GEIGER.  She was born July 28, 1849 in Bradford Co., Fl, and died November 22, 1870 in Thomas Co., Ga..  He married (2) MARY JANE BARROW February 18, 1872 in Thomas Co., Ga., daughter of JOSHUA BARROW and EMELINE RAMSEY.  She was born February 21, 1853, and died July 19, 1932.



On the Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Ga - 1861-1865, Volume 5, p. 922

On 5/1/1862, he was a private in the Thomas County Georgia Dixie Boys, Company A, 57th Georgia Volunteers Infantry, Army of Tennessee.

On October 1862, promoted to corporal.

7/4/1863, wounded and captures at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

7/20/1864, wounded at Peachtree Creek, Georgia (Atlanta)

1/6/1865, admitted to Way Hospital at Meridian, Miss. on account of wounds.



Laura Pearl Johns apparently died at her daughter's (Laura Louise Cone) birth.



Burial: Cone Cemetery, Thomas County, Ga.



Burial: Boston, Georgia



75.                i.    LAURA LOUISE5 CONE, b. November 21, 1870, Bradford Co. Fl.; d. July 31, 1906, Thomas Co., Ga..



21.  MARGARET STEWART4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born December 28, 1849 in Thomas County, Ga., and died February 25, 1896.  She married J. R. BATTLE December 10, 1874 in Thomas Co., Ga..  He was born 1836, and died February 22, 1904.


Children of MARGARET CONE and J. BATTLE are:

                      i.    WHALEY EVERETT5 BATTLE, b. 1879, Ga.; d. June 24, 1916, Moultrie, Ga..

                     ii.    BEN HILL BATTLE, b. September 22, 1882; d. August 24, 1904.



22.  HENRY FRANKLIN TOOKE4 CONE (JOHN BARBER3, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born November 28, 1852 in Thomas Co., Ga., and died August 14, 1938.  He married ADA ALBERTA ADAMS December 06, 1881.  She died May 31, 1905.


Children of HENRY CONE and ADA ADAMS are:

76.                i.    JOHN ADAMS5 CONE, b. November 20, 1882, Thomas Co., Ga..

77.               ii.    CHARLIE CIVILITY CONE, b. September 29, 1884, Thomas Co. Ga.; d. June 15, 1981, Albany, Ga..

78.              iii.    WILLIAM MCCOY CONE, b. June 29, 1888, Thomas Co, Ga.; d. Thomasville, Ga..

79.              iv.    MARGARET LILY CONE, b. June 17, 1891, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. May 20, 1965, Thomasville, Ga..

80.               v.    RUTH CONE, b. February 21, 1895, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. August 16, 1969, Thomas Co., Ga.

                   vi.    RUBY CONE, b. February 21, 1895, Thomas Co., Ga.; d. November 24, 1897, Thomas Co., Ga..



23.  KEZIAH4 WALKER (KEZIAH3 CONE, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born February 04, 1855, and died January 26, 1882 in Brooks Co., Ga..  She married MITCHELL BRICE, son of FRANCIS BRICE and ELIZABETH MURPHY.  He was born December 14, 1840 in Brooks Co., Ga., and died March 07, 1903 in Brooks Co., Ga.



                      i.    DAVID JAMES5 BRICE, b. February 13, 1872, Brooks Co., Ga.; d. June 24, 1894, Brooks Co., Ga..



Generation No. 4



54.  GEORGE THOMAS5 STEPHENS (MARTHA KEZIAH4 STAFFORD, HANNAH B.3 CONE, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born May 18, 1858 in Rapides Parish, La., and died July 13, 1944 in Leesville, LA.  He married REBECCA KNIGHT 1880 in Vernon Parish, La., daughter of JOHN KNIGHT and LYDIA STEPHENS.  She was born December 04, 1864 in Rapides Parish, La., and died July 23, 1903 in Rapides Parish, La..



158.              i.    JOSEPH ERIE6 STEPHENS, b. January 03, 1890, Vernon Parish, La.; d. September 30, 1940, Port Neches, Tx..




Generation No. 5



158.  JOSEPH ERIE6 STEPHENS (GEORGE THOMAS5, MARTHA KEZIAH4 STAFFORD, HANNAH B.3 CONE, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born January 03, 1890 in Vernon Parish, La., and died September 30, 1940 in Port Neches, Tx..  He married REBECCA BAILEY March 17, 1912 in Vernon Parish, La., daughter of JOHN BAILEY and MATILDA STEPHENS.  She was born June 29, 1894 in Groveton, Trinity Co. Tx, and died November 21, 1985 in Jefferson Co., Tx..



396.              i.    ALMON DENNIS7 STEPHENS, b. May 23, 1913, Elizabeth, Allen, LA.





Generation No. 6



396.  ALMON DENNIS7 STEPHENS (JOSEPH ERIE6, GEORGE THOMAS5, MARTHA KEZIAH4 STAFFORD, HANNAH B.3 CONE, JOSEPH2, WILLIAM1) was born May 23, 1913 in Elizabeth, Allen, LA.  He married MARY MARGARET LUKE June 30, 1939 in Port Neches, TX, daughter of THOMAS LUKE and FRANCES REIDLINGER.  She was born March 12, 1915 in Nodaway Co., Mo..



                      i.    CAROLE FRANCES8 STEPHENS, b. January 06, 1941, Port Neches, J, Tx; m. JR. HENRY HERMANN RAMKE, July 30, 1960, Port Neches, J, Tx.