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Descendants of William Cone, Jr.



Generation No. 1


1.  WILLIAM2 CONE, JR.  (WILLIAM1) was born December 24, 1777 in North Carolina-Pee Dee, and died August 24, 1857 in Columbia Co., Fl..  He married (1) MARTHA JANE CASON 1800 in Screven Co., Ga., daughter of HILLERY CASON and SARAH.  She was born November 16, 1782, and died Abt. 1825 in Bryan Co., Ga..  He married (2) SARAH HADDOCK 1810 in King's Fl., daughter of JOHN HADDOCK and SARAH HARDEE.  She was born December 24, 1777 in Camden Co., Ga., and died January 11, 1872 in Nassau Co., Fl..



2.                  i.    DANIEL NEWNAN3 CONE, b. October 09, 1814, Camden Co., Ga.; d. December 06, 1841.

3.                 ii.    WILLIAM HADDOCK CONE, b. July 15, 1825, Camden Co., Ga.; d. January 23, 1886, Lake City, Fl..

4.                iii.    SIMON PETER LENOIR CONE, b. November 06, 1827, Camden Co., Ga..

5.                iv.    JAMES BARNARD CONE, b. November 21, 1829, Jefferson, Camden Co., Ga; d. 1882.

                    v.    CHARLES FLOYD CONE, b. February 11, 1835, Georgia; m. (1) JOSEPHINE QUARTERMAN; m. (2) SARAH HARDEE VANZANT; m. (3) MARY C. GOODBREAD.



Generation No. 2


2.  DANIEL NEWNAN3 CONE (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born October 09, 1814 in Camden Co., Ga., and died December 06, 1841.  He married AMY LONG, daughter of JESSE LONG and ELIZABETH HADDOCK.  She was born 1820 in Nassau Co., Fl., and died February 07, 1870 in Columbia Co., Fl..


Child of DANIEL CONE and AMY LONG is:

6.                  i.    JR. DANIEL NEWNAN4 CONE, b. August 25, 1842, Benton, Fl..



3.  WILLIAM HADDOCK3 CONE (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born July 15, 1825 in Camden Co., Ga., and died January 23, 1886 in Lake City, Fl..  He married SARAH EMILY BRANCH November 19, 1851, daughter of WILLIAM BRANCH and SARAH SHANKS. 


Children of WILLIAM CONE and SARAH BRANCH are:

                      i.    JULIA4 CONE, b. March 11, 1855.

                     ii.    MARTHA CONE, b. November 21, 1856; d. January 28, 1878.

                    iii.    IDA CONE, b. November 19, 1858; m. JOHN F. STEWART.

                   iv.    GEORGE H. CONE, b. September 24, 1862; d. May 30, 1890; m. CARRIE MILLER.

                    v.    RANDOLPH B. CONE, b. July 06, 1865; m. ELIZABETH GOODBREAD.

                   vi.    HORACE CONE, b. June 03, 1867; d. August 08, 1867.

                  vii.    ANNETTE CONE, b. May 29, 1869; d. August 19, 1898.

                 viii.    WILLIAM N. CONE, b. November 02, 1869; m. ELIZABETH LONG.

                   ix.    FREDERICK P. CONE, b. September 28, 1871.



Served as Governor of Florida.


                    x.    AGNES MAY CONE, b. February 26, 1874.

                   xi.    JESSE WOOD CONE, b. July 31, 1877.

                  xii.    PETER D. CONE, b. December 01, 1879.



4.  SIMON PETER LENOIR3 CONE (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born November 06, 1827 in Camden Co., Ga..  He married MARIA LOUISA EUBANKS, daughter of STEPHEN EUBANK and MARIA PRIEST.  She was born October 07, 1833 in Columbia or Nassau Co..


Children of SIMON CONE and MARIA EUBANKS are:

                      i.    EMILY CAROLINE4 CONE, b. November 25, 1853, Benton, Fl.; d. October 30, 1947; m. NATHAN PRIEST, February 05, 1871, Nassau Co., Fl.; b. July 28, 1848, Micanopy, Fl.; d. October 05, 1936.



Emily Caroline Cone was the granddaughter of Anna Maria Thigpen and Mr. Eubanks.  She married the son of Anna Maria Thigpen and Mr. Priest. 



He enlisted in the Civil War in 1864 and was 16 years old at the time.  He enlisted at Benton, Columbia County, Fl.  He served in the Kings Company Home Guard until the close of the war.  He was elected Tax Collector of Nassau County, Fl. for 20 years - 1886-1906.


                     ii.    LIZZIE ADELINE CONE, b. 1856, Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl; d. 1948; m. CHARLES MAHONEY.

                    iii.    CHARLES WILLIAM CONE, b. 1857, Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl; d. 1931; m. SALLY BROOKS.

                   iv.    ARVILLA ROSABELLE CONE, b. 1859, Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl; d. 1948; m. JEFFERSON HIGGINBOTHAM.

7.                 v.    JOHN JESSUP CONE, b. 1861, Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl; d. 1942.

                   vi.    PETER LEE CONE, b. 1865, Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl; d. 1960; m. JESSIE PLATT.

                  vii.    INA SARAH MARIA CONE, b. 1867, Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl; d. 1960; m. (1) CHARLES HADDOCK; m. (2) WILLIAM A. VASSAR.

                 viii.    PAULINE ELIZA CONE, b. 1869, Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl; d. 1952.

                   ix.    ELLA E. CONE, b. 1873, Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl; d. 1959; m. JOHN PERCY HARDEE.



5.  JAMES BARNARD3 CONE (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born November 21, 1829 in Jefferson, Camden Co., Ga, and died 1882.  He married (1) SARAH LEE.  She was born February 23, 1833 in Georgia, and died July 25, 1867 in Belmont Fl..  He married (2) ADA HART. 


Children of JAMES CONE and SARAH LEE are:

                      i.    NANCY4 CONE.

                     ii.    II WILLIAM S. CONE, m. MOLLY BROOKS.

                    iii.    JOHN JAMES CONE, m. SUSAN REIN.

                   iv.    EMMA CONE, m. HUNTER.

                    v.    SARAH CONE, b. October 19, 1852; d. April 09, 1900; m. JOHN L. PARRISH.

                   vi.    CARRIE CONE, b. August 09, 1859; d. February 23, 1875; m. ELI HART.



Children of JAMES CONE and ADA HART are:

                  vii.    JOSEPH H.4 CONE.

                 viii.    MARY A. CONE.

                   ix.    BARNARD CONE, b. November 30, 1876; m. MAUDE E. MCMULLEN.



Generation No. 3


6.  JR. DANIEL NEWNAN4 CONE (DANIEL NEWNAN3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born August 25, 1842 in Benton, Fl..  He married ANNETTE INGRAHAM April 27, 1870 in Savannah, Ga., daughter of JAMES INGRAHAM and ANNETTE HUTCHINSON.  She was born March 24, 1843 in Wappinger's Falls, N.Y..



Daniel Newnan Cone, Jr. served in the Confederate Army in Company C, 2nd Florida Infantry, one year. He reinlisted in Company K, 2nd Florida Calvary and was paroled 5/17/1865.  He served as a member of the Florida Legislature in 1885 and 1886.  In 1900 he resided in Benton, Florida.



                      i.    HUTCHINSON5 CONE, b. April 26, 1871, Benton, Fl.; m. PATTIE SELDEN, October 19, 1900, Norfolk, Va.; b. August 05, 1872, Kempsville, Va..



Hutchinson graduated from Florida State College and later from Anapolis Naval Academy.  He participated in the taking of Manila, holding at that time the position of Assistant Engineer.  At present (1900) he is a lieutenant on board the USS Prairie.


                     ii.    AMY A. CONE, b. June 16, 1873, Benton, Fl..

                    iii.    DANIEL N. CONE, b. March 21, 1875, Benton, Fl..

                   iv.    JOHN PEOPLES CONE, b. June 30, 1879, Benton, Fl..



7.  JOHN JESSUP4 CONE (SIMON PETER LENOIR3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 1861 in Columbia or Nassau Co.Fl, and died 1942.  He married NETTIE LIGEOUR. 



                      i.    MARIE5 CONE.