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Descendants of William Cone, R. S.



Generation No. 1


1.  WILLIAM1 CONE, R. S. was born 1745 in Pee Dee, N.C., and died June 24, 1816 in Bulloch Co., Ga..  He married (1) KEZIAH BARBER 1765 in Pee Dee, N.C..  She was born October 16, 1750 in North Carolina, and died Abt. 1811 in Ivanhoe, Bulloch Co., Ga.  He married (2) MARTHA 1811.  She was born 1759 in North Carolina, and died 1812 in Sandersville, Ga..






                     ii.    AARON CONE, b. October 31, 1766, North Carolina; d. June 06, 1835, Bulloch Co., Ga.; m. (1) SUSANNAH MARLOW, 1788; b. February 22, 1770, South Carolina; d. 1818, Ivanhoe, Bulloch Co., Ga; m. (2) HANNAH KIRBY, 1820; b. April 10, 1787.


                    iii.    JOSEPH CONE, b. May 17, 1772, North Carolina; d. April 13, 1839, Thomas Co., Ga.; m. MARY ELIZABETH STEWART, February 17, 1796, Georgia; b. January 08, 1772, Isle of Skye, Scotland; d. August 26, 1848, Thomas Co., Ga..


iv.         WILLIAM CONE, JR., b. December 24, 1777, North Carolina-Pee Dee; d. August 24, 1857, Columbia Co., Fl.; m. (1) MARTHA JANE CASON, 1800, Screven Co., Ga.; b. November 16, 1782; d. Abt. 1825, Bryan Co., Ga.; m. (2) SARAH HADDOCK, 1810, King's Fl.; b. December 24, 1777, Camden Co., Ga.; d. January 11, 1872, Nassau Co., Fl..


                    v.    KEZIAH CONE, b. January 12, 1780, Barnwell Dist. S.C.; d. 1849, Lowndes Co., Ga.; m. WILLIAM DAMPIER, 1801, Barnwell Dist. S.C.; b. Abt. 1780, Effingham Co., Ga.; d. 1848, Lowndes Co., Ga..


                   vi.    SARAH CONE, b. October 16, 1780, South Carolina; d. November 28, 1859, Berrien Co., Ga.; m. WILLIAM ANDERSON KNIGHT, 1798, Ga.; b. February 16, 1778, North Carolina; d. December 08, 1859, Berrien Co., Ga..


vii.     NANCY CONE, b. September 17, 1781, South Carolina; d. October 27, 1846, Brooks Co., Ga.; m. JOHN HAGAN, JR., March 09, 1801, Bulloch Co., Ga.; b. 1776, Georgia; d. 1822, Camden County, Ga..


                 viii.    MARY CONE, b. April 10, 1787, Georgia; d. April 16, 1862; m. (1) DAVID BEST; m. (2) JAMES DAVID LEE, 1803; b. 1785, Screven Co., Ga.; d. 1817.




Notes for WILLIAM CONE, R. S.:

Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, Volume 5, Huxford:


William Cone, R.S. married Keziah Barber who was the sister of Casandra Barber.  It is believed that Casandra Barber and her husband Mathew Carter moved to Mississippi.  William, R.S. served in the Revolutionary War as Major, 1st. Battalion, Richmond County militia.  In 1779 he moved to Cheraw District of South Carolina and later to Effingham County, Ga.  On Feb. 28, 1784 he was granted 250 acres of bounty land in Washington County, Ga (see p. 48, Knight's Roster of the Revolution in Georgia).  He died in 1822 and was buried in the Cone Cemetary in Bulloch County, Ga.


Corrections, Volume 5, Huxford (p. 544):


Cone, William, Sr. (pp.64-66 Volume 2)


In doing research in the Minutes of Camden Superior Court within the last three or four years, the compiler has ascertained that he married a second time - a fact never mentioned and evidently not known by any of the Cone family historians.  In deed book "I", p.13 of Camden County, is the record of a separation agreement dated Jan. 8, 1812, between William Cone and his wife martha, in which it was agreed that thereafter each should hold his and her own property free from any claim on the part of the other "as though never married".  The Minutes show that the same year William Sr., filed suit for divorce against his wife, Martha Cone.  The original papers in the suit having been lost, it cannot be learned when they married or what her maiden name was or where married or the grounds for divorce - matters usually set forth in divorce proceedings.  The Court dockets show the case was continued from term to term from 1812 until the october 1816 term when the docket shows the case was dismissed, it being stated that "suit was abated by the death of the plaintiff."


William Cone, Sr. returned to Bulloch some time between 1812 and 1816, and it was there on June 24, 1816, he deeded all his property to his son, Aaron Cone.  The deed of gift, recorded in deed book 4A, p. 311, Bulloch, conveyed 1,000 acres of land in Bulloch; one half interest in 350 acres in Glynn County granted him and John Hagin (Vol.1); seven slaves, one horse, all his household goods, crop plantation tools, rifle and all money on hand or due him.  This apparently was made about the time or during the last illness of the old patriot as he was dead before the following October term of Camden Court.


William Cone, Sr. was a representative from Glynn County in 1804 and shortly thereafter moved to Camden.  He was appointed Justice of Peace in the 35th district of Camden in 1806 but resigned in 1808 and was succeeded by his son, William Cone, Jr., Feb. 25, 1808.


William Cone, Sr. was drawn to serve as a grand juror at the October Term, 1809, of Camden Superior Court, but was excused from duty on account of being over 60 years of age as shown by the court minutes.


The year of his death as published in Vol. II should be changed from 1822 to 1816.  The 1822 date had been arrived at from the circumstance that his son Aaron had been appointed administrator of his estate on January 6, 1823.


Article printed on Thursday, March 13, 1930 in the Savannah Morning News




Exercises Saturday at Revolutionary Hero's Grave in Bulloch County, Ga.  Captain William Cone's resting place to be marked.


Statesboro, Ga. March 12.  The Briar Creek Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will unveil a marker at the grave of Captain William Cone, Revolutionary Hero, in Cone Cemetary at Ivanhoe, Saturday, March 13.  At this time Honorable M. E. Wilson of Savannah, will be the principal speaker.


The D.A.R.'s are planning to place the several markers in this section of the state to Revolutionary heroes and expect to hold their second unveiling shortly after the Cone program on Saturday.  Captain William Cone, a native of North Carolina, settled in this section of Georgia before the outbreak of the Revolution and was an officer whose name is linked with many brave exploits against the Tories.  The Tories used Bulloch County as a retreat, coming up from Florida through the Okefenokee Swamp.  Captain Cone gathered together a party of men from this section, drove the Tories back into Florida and warned them to keep out of this community, which they did.  Many people have oftened wondered why this section and particularly Bulloch County was late in being settled.  The settlers did not care to come to a section that was used as a hiding place for the Tories and it is due to the brave exploits of Captain Cone that Bulloch County came to be settled and afterwards densely populated.


William Cone was living in Bulloch when the county was organized.  The extracts from the minutes of the first court ever held in this county read as follows:  "At a Superior Court began and held at the house of Stephen Mills, in and for the County of Bulloch on Tuesday the 16th day of May, 1737, the Honorable William Stephens, Esq., one of the Judges of the Superior court of the State of Georgia, presiding.   The Court opened in due form and proceeded to the organization of the same by calling the grand and petit jurors.  The Grand Jury presented william Cone as their foreman.  Captain Cone's grandson, General Peter Cone, served continuously in the legislature of Georgia for 30 years and was the most dominant figure in the County until the time of his death.  At the outbreak of the Civil War he was a Major General in the state militia.  William Cone, jr., another grandson, became a Captain in the War of 1812 after which he settled in Florida, went to the legislature and fought against the Seminoles.  Captain William Cone, grandson of the old Captain, had a large part in one of the most remarkable feats ever recorded in the War of 1812.  Captain Cone commanded 20-8 men who caused 23 British barges to retreat when entering the St. Marys River in 1815.  Though the ships fired large cannons, the palmetto on either side of the river served as a screen for Cone's men who in this manner harrasssed the British causing them to retrace their course.


William Cone's name was also a familiar one in the religious of the time.  In the record of the Hephsibah Baptist Centennial from 1794 to 1834 this appears:  "William Cone is first brought to our attention in 1792 as pastor of Little Ogeechee Church in Screven County and its messenger to the Georgia Association.  The tradition speaks of him as the instrument in God's hands of building up the Baptist church in the above-named county, also in the counties of Bulloch and Tattnall.  His name is a familiar one for many miles around Ogeechee Church."


Mrs. J. R. Roberts of the Briar Creek Chapter of D.A.R. is chairman of the committee for marking graves of Revolutionary Soldiers.  Mrs. Julian C. Lane of Statesboro is chairman of the program committee and has arranged a very interesting program which will be held in the Cone Cemetary at Old Ivanhoe at 2:30 o'clock on Saturday afternoon.  The program will open with taps by the Boys Scouts of Statesboro and follows.


Prayer.  Rev. J. D. Peebles, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Statesboro and ex-chaplain of the Sons of the American Revolution of Virginia.


Placing of the Wreath and the United States Flag on the Grave.  Dr. R. L. Cone of Statesboro and W. C. Crumley of Brooklet.


Unveiling.  Mrs. Alice Hodges, Frances Cone, and Betty Jean Cone.


Presentation of the Regent.  Mrs. Julian C. Lane, Statesboro.


"Marking Historical Spots."  Mrs. Charles Kopp, Regent D.A.R.


Response and Presentation of Speaker.  Hon. Howell Cone, Statesboro.


Address.  Hon. H. E. Wilson, Savannah.


Song.  "The Star Spangled Banner."


Military Salute.  State staff enlisted detachment of the Georgia National Guard.




The following is a timeline on Captain William Cone, American Revolutionary War Hero, as submitted to the Bulloch County Library by Marcus E. Cone, Alexandria, Virginia on December 4, 1975.  (R=Reputed Dates; P=Proven Dates)


1745 (R)    Born along the upper reaches of N. Carolina's Pee Dee River


10/25/1749 (P)  Latest possible date he could have been born (date arrived at by his assertion on Oct. 26, 1809, that he was over sixty years of age)


1764-1765 (R)  Married fifteen year old Keziah Barber


10/31/1766 (P)  Son Aaron born in North Carolina


5/11/1772 (P)  Son Joseph born in North Carolina


? (R)  Daughter Jane (or Joan) born in North Carolina


1775-1783 (R)  Served in McLean's regiment of Georgia troops; as an acting captain under General Francis Marion; and as a major who commanded the 1st battalion of the Richmond County militia.


1775-1784 (R)  Killed Cargile, a Tory spy, and led forces that drove Tories out of a region of Georgia that is today known as Bulloch County.


12/24/1777 (P)  Son William born in North Carolina


1779 (R)    Moved family to South Carolina


1/1/1780 (P)  Daughter Keziah born in South Carolina


10/16/1780 (P)  Daughter Sarah born in South Carolina


9/17/1781 (P)  Daughter Nancy born in South Carolina


2/28/1784 (P)  Granted 250 acres of bounty land (Washington County, Ga.) on a certificate of Col. James McNeil.


4/24/1784 (P)  Claimed 287.5 acres of bounty land in Richmond County on a certificate of Col. James Martin.


9/18/1784 (P)  Governor of Georgia signed a grant of 287.5 acres in Washington County for William Cone.


12/16/1784 (P)  Newspaper account of Captain Cone's men fighting horse thieves and retrieving the stolen livestock.


12/17/1784 (P)  The Minutes of the Executive Council recommen that Capt. William Cone and his men be rewarded for their several instances of suppressing robbers in the state.


1785-1787 (P)  Served in the state legislature as a representative of Effingham County


2/9/1785  (P)  The 200 acres of confiscated land granted by Governor to William Cone in Effingham County is registered.


2/22/1785 (P)  The 200 acres of confiscated land granted to William Cone is recorded to him.


4/10/1787 (P)  Daughter Mary born


8/9/1787 (P)  Effingham County's list of defaulters of returns of taxable property in Captain William Cone's district for the 1787 is posted.


3/11/1788 (P)  Effingham County Superior Court again appoints Captain William Cone as its tax collector.


5/10/1788 (P)  Newspaper account of Captain William Cone's capture of the notorious Daniel McGirt.


10/9/1789 (P)  Served as a witness to the seizure of land from a Tory by the Commissioners of Confiscated Estates in Effingham County.


3/19/1790 (P)  Inferior Court of Richmond County ordered the commissioners of the poor to pay ten pounds to William Cone for his support of Robert Spurlock.


9/29/1791 (P)  Appeared in Effingham County's Superior Court to give supporting testimony on behalf of the plaintiff.


12/24/1791 (R)  Appointed Justice of the Peace for Effingham County.


1/11/1793 (P)  Witness a deed in Effingham County


1794 (P)  Showed up on Camden County's tax digest for this year as an agent for Jesse Hagin


1/31/1795 (P)  Appointed administrator of William Spurlock's estate by Richmond County's Administrators of Estates.


5/28/1795 (P)  Newspaper advertisement of land for sale that William Cone had won in a lawsuit against Henry Butler.


12/3/1796 (P)  Witnessed a deed in Effingham County


5/16/1797 (P)  Served as Foreman for Bulloch County's first Grand Jury.


7/26/1797 (P)  Witnessed a deed in Bulloch County


8/9/1798 (P)  Appointed Justice of the Peace for Bulloch County


11/8/1799 (P)  Reappointed Justice of the Peace for Bulloch County


11/11/1799 (P)  A Bulloch County deed transaction that shows William Cone as a neighbor


11/15/1799 (P)  A Bulloch County deed transaction that shows William Cone as a neighbor


3/17/1800 (P)  William Cone's name listed for the Petit Jury in Camden County.


7/18/1801 (P)  Witnessed a deed in Bulloch County


11/28/1801 (P)  Sold 1,000 acres of Bulloch County property to David Kennedy.


3/21/1803 (P)  Deed transaction that showed William Cone as a neighbor in Glynn County


1804 (P)  Elected representative from Glynn County for the state legislature.


10/19/1804 (P)  Newspaper item showed William Cone elected Representative of Glynn County.


10/26/1804 (P)  William Cone listed as a Camden County Tax Defaulter who did not make a return for 1804.


11/12/1804 (P)  As a Representative from Camden County, William Cone reported a bill on the Petition from the Baptist Church at Vann's Creek, in which they pray for incorporation.


1/7/1806 (P)  Advertised for a runaway slave.


1806 (P)  Appointed Justice of the Peace in the 35th district of Camden County.


3/17/1807 (P)  Notice of Sheriff's Sale of land in Camden County obtained by William Cone as a suit against William Marcum


10/27/1807 (P)  Returns of election in Camden County showed William Cone elected Representative


2/25/1808 (P)  His son, William, succeeded him as Justice of the Peace in Camden County.


4/5/1808 (P)  Partnership deed transaction of William Cone and John Hagin in Camden County.


1809 (P)  William Cone and Jesse Hagin filed joint tax returns for land in Camden County.


10/26/1809 (P)  Asked to excused from jury duty on Camden County's Superior Court because he was over sixty years of age.


4/24/1810 (P)  William Cone advertised for a runaway slave.


1/12/1811 (P)  William Cone made a deed of gift to John Hagin.  John Hagin designated Wm. Cone as a trustee for Keziah Hagin.


1/24/1811 (P)  William Cone, of Camden County, conveyed 200 acres in Glynn County to James Bardin.  Keziah (Barber) Cone waives dower rights.


4/17/1811 (P)  William Cone sold four lots in town of Jefferson, Camden County.


1811 (R)  Keziah died.


1811 (R)  William married Martha ____________


1/6/1812 (P)  William appeared in Camden County's Superior Court to file a separation agreement from his wife.


10/28/1812 (P)  William Cone started divorce actions in Camden County's Superior Court.


3/3/1813 (P)  Divorce case continued by consent of both parties.


3/8/1814 (P)  Divorce case continued by Plaintiff's attorney.


10/26/1815 (P)  Divorce case continued by Plaintiff's attorney.


3/19/1816 (P)  Divorce case continued by Plaintiff's attorney.


6/24/1816 (P)  Signed all of his property over to his son Aaron in Bulloch County.


6/29/1816 (P)  Aaron Cone has witnesses to testify that they saw William Cone sign the deed of gift on June 24th


10/28/1816 (P)  Camden County Superior Court abated divorce case because of the plaintiff's death.


4/28/1817 (P)  Aaron refers to his father's death in a deed.


11/26/1822 (P)  Aaron applied for letters of administration for late William Cone at the Bulloch County Court of Ordinary.


1/6/1823 (P)  Letters of administration granted to Aaron.


3/4/1823 (P)  The late William Cone's estate inventoried and appraised.


2/16/1824 (P)  Sale of the late William Cone's property in Bulloch County.




More About WILLIAM CONE, R. S.:

Burial: Cone Cem., Ivanhoe Bulloch County, Ga

Revolutionary Soldier: Georgia, North Carolina



Burial: Cone Cem., Ivanhoe Bulloch County, Ga